Our groups participate in bachelor programmes in Chemistry and Molecular Life Sciences, and in the master programme Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences. Activities in those programmes include:

  • Master course “Molecules & Cells”
  • Master course “Concepts in Sciences 4 Life”
  • Life Science Seminars Series
  • Bachelor theses for Molecular Life Science and Chemistry students
  • 3rd year bachelor course “Protein Folding and Assembly, from molecule to disease”
  • 3rd year bachelor course “Trending Topics on Biomolecules”
  • 3rd year bachelor course "Advanced and Experimental Cellbiology"
  • 3rd year bachelor course “Research in Molecular Life Sciences”
  • 3rd year “Viral Diseases”
  • 2nd year research projects
  • Honoursprogramme chemistry, 2nd year module “Protein Folding”
  • 1st year bachelor course “Biomolecular Chemistry”
  • 1st year bachelor course “Molecular Cell Biology”

Ineke Braakman is coordinator of the course "Viral Diseases”.

Stefan Rüdiger is coordinator of the courses "Protein Folding and Assembly" and "Biomolecular Chemistry”.

Peter van der Sluijs is coordinator of the courses “Trending Topics on Biomolecules” and "Advanced and Experimental Cellbiology".

Bertrand Kleizen is coordinator of the course “Molecules and Cells”. Furthermore, Bertrand Kleizen is programme coordinator for the Master Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences.