About us

Our research is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms and regulation of protein folding and assembly processes in the cell. Our analysis includes stress responses in living cells down to the contribution of single atoms. A particular focus is on diseases that are caused by protein folding and assembly defects, such as cystic fibrosis, cancer and Alzheimer disease, and on viral proteins.

Our teaching activities range from the Bachelors Chemistry, Biomolecular Science, and the new combination study Molecular Life Sciences, to the Master Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences, the Summer School 'Exploring Nature’s Molecular Machines', and the Master class 'In de Ban van het Griepvirus'.

Lab Members have backgrounds in Biology, Medical Biology, Pharmacy, or Chemistry, which is representative for the multidisciplinary nature of our research. Accordingly, we welcome undergraduate and PhD students as well as post-docs from various disciplines.