Breaking Science 2017

My experience with Breaking Science was very positive. Not only am I capable now to explain my friends, neighbours and grandmother what I actually do when I’m at work, I also learned a lot from all other candidates I met and presented me their projects. I was very honoured to make it to the top 2 and get the chance to enter the national Famelab competition. Here I got to meet some highly motivated researchers who work in the most interesting fields of science. In our year, the finale was held in Tivoli Vredenburg. If you ever want to tell your kids you were the main act on stage in Tivoli, used the artist entrance and presented your research in front of a hundred people, Breaking Science is the way to start!
Lianne Wellens
Winner 2017
Joining Breaking Science 2017 was a lot of fun! I joined because I wanted to be better at explaining my research project to family and friends. The training given by Artesc was very helpful for that and it also helped me to think about how to get your message across to any kind of audience. This was actually the most valuable training I have followed during my PhD. And although on beforehand I thought the competition would be scary, the evenings of the heats turned out to be fun and entertaining! It was nice to present to laymen what kind of research is done in Utrecht and to hear about the wide variance in subjects.   After Breaking Science, I joined a national pitch competition and after this I got to pitch my research project at the European researchers night in London in the Museum of Natural History!
Selma van Staveren
Runner up 2017