Merel Nap-van der Vlist

Merel Nap-van der Vlist


I am a medical doctor and PhD candidate, because I am driven to make a difference for individual patients and on a societal level and I believe research can accomplish that. I am passionate about helping children and adults to flourish, both inside and outside my work.


I think the ultimate goal of research is to impact society. To make this impact, translational science is needed and therefore it is of utmost importance that research is understandable. As a young researcher, I think there is still a lot to learn on how to present my research in an easy, but impactful way. I think Breaking Science is a very useful opportunity to learn these skills and also to get inspired by other young researchers along the way. 

Presentation topic

The outcome of many childhood diseases increased over the last decades, but new challenges arise since the burden of disease also increases with an extended life-span. What is the impact of having a chronic disease on a child and its development and what are the challenges?