BSc in Molecular Life Sciences

The Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science offers a Bachelor’s programme in Chemistry that provides those with an appropriate background (e.g., science specialisation at school) an excellent, broad-based education in Chemistry. The programme enables you to proceed after graduation to a Master’s programme, either here or at another university. It also provides a sound basis for embarking on a career directly after graduation. The Bachelor’s programme trains you to think and act as a chemist and a scientist at graduate level, and to understand the importance of acting responsibly in this field. The programme offers not only the necessary theoretical foundation, but also provides intensive practical training, enabling you to experience at first hand the relevance of theoretical concepts.

Within the Bachelor’s programme in Chemistry, the Bijvoet Centre, together with the Departments of Biology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, organizes Molecular Life Sciences (MLS), which combines courses in Chemistry, Biology and Pharmacy.

In MLS, you will decypher the processes of life at the molecular level. You will use different state-of-the-art technologies such as NMR, X-ray diffraction, mass spectrometry and light- and electron microscopy. You will learn all about these technologies as well as about the different model systems in which we study these molecular processes. Model systems we use include bacteria, fungi, zebrafish, plants, mammals and human cells.

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BSc in Chemistry and Molecular Life Sciences