23 June 2017
Geert-Jan Boons and colleagues developed a method that allows detailed research into the benefits of the complex sugars in human breast milk
Spinozalaureaten Alexander van Oudenaarden en Albert Heck.
15 June 2017
Both Albert Heck and Alexander van Oudenaarden from Utrecht University receive a Spinozaprize, the highest scientific award in the Netherlands.
DNA (blue) in a spindle, the protein ASPM is located at the ‘poles’ (yellow)
24 April 2017
Publication in Nature Cell Biology about new molecular insight into brain development disorder microcephaly
Vlaggen van de Universiteit Utrecht.
21 March 2017
In two short videos, biology researcher Mike Boxem and chemistry researcher Friedrich Förster present the research that earned them their Vici grants
16 March 2017
Science-publicatie about a relatively simple system that puzzled researchers for 10 years
22 February 2017
In collaboration with the science communication competition FameLab, Utrecht University organises a contest for researchers: Breaking Science.
Friedrich Forster
20 February 2017
Friedrich Förster, professor of Cryo-Electron Microscopy, publishes in Nature Communications.
25 January 2017
Mohammed Kaplan en Erik Kleyheeg received a Rubicon grant to gain international research experience.
24 January 2017
KWF grant awarded to dr. Maarten Altelaar, in collaboration with dr. Daniel Peeper from the NKI
Nathaniel Martin
20 December 2016
Pharmaceutics researcher Nathaniel Martin receives an ERC Consolidator Grant for combating antibiotic resistance
Friedrich Forster
20 December 2016
Friedrich Förster, recently appointed Professor of Cryo-Electron Microscopy at Utrecht University, has been awarded a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant.
Myeline-zenuwcel verbinding MAG
6 December 2016
Publication in Nature Communications by Utrecht chemists
18 November 2016
The Bijvoet Center has awarded 6 months project grants to three PhD candidates.
Cell publication
10 November 2016
Cell publication: Researchers observe receptor for cell division in action
10 November 2016
Researchers describe in Nature Communications how they use mass spectrometry to study erythropoietin in more detail.