Teaching packages

Teaching packages

Learning EU Citizenship in action

Ready-made teaching packages for secondary schools and workshop modules for tertiary and non-formal education. The rights you have as an EU citizen are relevant when traveling to another country and when you stay at home. Choices made at the EU level affect your daily life and can be influenced. The question is ‘how to do that’? These ready-made teaching materials improve the civic competencies of youth to exercise their EU citizenship rights and to influence choices made at the EU level. Although the EU is in reality not more than ‘five or less handshakes away’, it is experienced as distant. These five teaching packages and the additional workshop modules intend to bridge that distance and to contribute to democratic empowerment of young EU citizens.

Five teaching packages for secondary school students age 14-17

The aim of the five teaching packages, is to let students experience how they can exercise their EU citizenship rights and how they can influence EU decision-making. Each teaching package is centred around one protagonist that encounters a personal problem, dilemma, question or ambition. The protagonist uses the perspective of the secondary school student in his or her daily life and local habitat. The packages consist of a PowerPoint presentation containing two short animated movies and several questions and assignments, accompanied by the teaching instructions. The five teaching packages build slowly up in level of complexity. The teaching packages are designed to fit the specific needs of your class and are in two ways modularly structured:

  1. Time: you can choose to do part 1 (30 minutes) or part 1 and 2 (45 minutes) in combination with the in-depth theory (15-30 minutes).
  2. Level: you can choose between version A (younger pupils and/or pupils with no prior knowledge about EU citizenship) and version B (older pupils and/or pupils who are used to work more self-reliant).

These packages are initiated within the FP-7 financed bEUcitizen project by Utrecht University and designed, produced and tested by Public Cinema. The teaching packages have been tested in classrooms in the Netherlands.

  • Teaching Package 1 ‘Boris and his headphones’
  • Teaching Package 2 ‘A multimedia centre in our town’
  • Teaching Package 3 ‘An adventure abroad
  • Teaching Package 4 ‘Creating your future’
  • Teaching Package 5 ‘Clean air for all of us’

Download the "Packages" here (100+ mb each .zip-file).

Investigate, understand, act 
Advanced level workshop modules for students in tertiary and non-formal education In the document below five workshop modules are presented for students in the age of 18-23. The workshops are about getting a grip on the EU, using the EU for problem solving, conceptualising EU citizenship, thinking about the future of EU citizenship and on how to improve EU citizenship. The modules train a broad set of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Teachers and lecturers can use each of the module individually as a standalone workshop module or use several of all of them as a series. These workshop modules are developed within the FP-7 financed bEUcitizen project by Zagreb University (workshops 1, 2, 3 and 5) and by Utrecht University (workshop 4).

Advanced level workshop modules