Coordinating a large research project like the bEUcitizen project requires a well developed coordination structure and disciplined coordination bodies. The coordination of the project is organised in several layers:

  • A team at the Utrecht University that is overall responsible for the organisation of the project.
  • An Executive Board, in which coordinators from each Work Package are represented
  • An Advisory Board, in which highly esteemed members of academia and professionals have taken place.

Utrecht University coordination team

The  UU  Coordination  Team  has  overall  responsibility  for  consortium  management  and  reporting. They will be assisted  by a project manager  and the Faculty  of Law, Economics  and Governance’s Grant Office. The main objective of the Work Package Management and Coordination is to administer the entire project and coordinate the on-going work among all partners and with the European Commission  services.  The  objectives  are  to  ensure  that  the  project  progresses  according  to  the schedule and within the budgetary constraints set out in the proposal; that all deliverables are finished on time and are of high quality; that the project’s scientific and technical objectives are achieved; that cost  statements,  reports  and  other  necessary  documents  from  all  partners  are  delivered  to  the Commission in a timely manner; that project meetings are well organised and adequately reported; that project communication channels are effective, efficient and transparent for all concerned.

People involved:

  • Academic Coordinator: Prof. Sybe de Vries
  • Academic co-Coordinator: Prof. Frans van Waarden
  • Project Manager: Ismaela Nieuwenhuijs MSc

The bEUcitizen Executive Board

The Executive Board meets four times per year to discuss the progress of the project and its direction. They are responsible, together with the coordination team for the quality of the research and making sure that it is timely.

Members of the Executive Board are:

  • Prof. Bridget Anderson (Oxford University)
  • Prof. Francis Cheneval (University of Zürich)
  • Dr. Marie-Pierre Granger (Central European University)
  • Dr. Elena Ioriatti (University of Trento)
  • Prof. Trudie Knijn (Utrecht University)
  • Prof. David Levi-Faur (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Prof. Manuela Naldini (University of Turino)
  • Prof. Uwe Puetter (Central European University)
  • Prof. Sybe de Vries (Utrecht University)
  • Prof. Martin Seeleib-Kaiser (Oxford University)
  • Prof. Sandra Seubert (Goethe University Frankfurt)
  • Prof. Frans van Waarden (Utrecht University)
  • Dr. Patrick Wallis (London School of Economics)

The bEUcitizen Advisory Board

In the Advisory Board of bEUcitizen, experts from different fields and backgrounds make themselves available to provide input and feedback to the project both on content-related citizenship issues and on process related matters. All Advisory Board members are invited each year to the project’s General Assembly and conference. At this meeting, where most researchers are attending, they help further the project with their valuable input during research discussions and work sessions. Furthermore, there is a meeting between the Executive Board and the Advisory Board during these days to discuss the progress and process of the work as well as the overarching theme, sub-themes, cross-cutting themes and project dissemination.

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