About the Identity

This identity was the result of a collaboration between Michelle Haak (www.miesart.com) and Emmy van Thiel (www.emmyvanthiel.nl), two unique designers working together on projects under the label EM. EM gave them the opportunity to use their different points of view to complement each other and create strong and unique identities.

An integral part of our project was our corporate identity. All communication from and within the project has the same, uniform lay-out, use of logo’s and colours. The logos developed for the project reflect the many aspects which reflect the many ‘multiples’ of our project:

The elements of whole logo of our project symbolize:

  • the different colors and different directions of the triangles: our multidisciplinarity;
  • the gridlines: the borders around and within the EU across which its citizens (are supposed to) move;
  • the three colors of triangles: our three clusters that fit well together to form the large triangle: our integrated multidisciplinary research project.

The logo for Cluster I

 The Multi-layered Character of Citizenship: Variations across Space and Time

This cluster is visualised by the vertical hour-glass in lighter blue in the middle of the logo, indicating both the passage of time, and concentric layers of identities.

The logo for Cluster II

Multidimensional Rights of Citizenship

This cluster is visualised by the horizontal scales in green, referring to the ideal of a balance between different rights.

The logo for Cluster II

Multitudinous Effects of Rights on Multiple Categories of Citizens 

This cluster is visualised by the solidly standing orange triangles, but located at some distance from each other, in the corners, representing different categories of citizens.