Prof. dr. Lars Tummers

Lars Tummers is Professor of Public Administration and Organization Science at Utrecht University. He is an internationally recognized expert on public management, leadership and behaviour change. His goal is to understand how people can change behaviour to improve lives of themselves and others.

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Prof. dr. Denise de Ridder

Denise de Ridder

''Behaviour of groups and individuals plays a critical role in the many challenges inherent in societal transitions. However, we often tend to forget that simply reminding people to change their behaviour is not enough. Any call for changing behaviour should be accompanied with opportunities for true engagement.''

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Prof. mr. Ivo Giesen

''I see it as my main task in working life to try to find (legal) solutions to today's societal problems using the law (the law of torts and civil procedure, most notably) in a creative manner while taking in inspiration from elsewhere (empircal legal studies, law & psychology, etc.) to cross traditional barriers, if needed. Working within Behaviour & Institutions is of invaluable help in achieving that goal.''

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Prof. dr. John de Wit

''Changes to people’s behaviour are critical to address the many challenges our world faces. But people are not isolated individuals; they are embedded in social relations and societal structures. The critical interplay between individual, social and structural factors takes center-stage in Behaviours and Institutions.''

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Prof. dr. Beate Volker

''Institutions regulate behaviour. But behaviour of people in the same institutional environment is not identical. How do institutional effects vary across individuals and groups? ''

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Dr. Karlijn Morsink

Karlijn Morsink is a tenure-track assistant professor in economics at Utrecht School of Economics at Utrecht University, senior researcher at the Development Economics Group at Wageningen University, and research fellow at the Centre for the Economic Analysis of Risk at Georgia State University. Her research uses laboratory, lab-in-the-field, and field experimental methods to investigate conflict and cooperation in households and groups. Her research specifically aims to contribute to the reduction of poverty and inequality in developing countries, such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Brazil, and Mozambique.

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Dr. Karin Fikkers

Dr. Karin Fikkers

Karin Fikkers is interested in the power of stories in conveying the urgency of climate change and sustainable behaviour. Using empirical methods, she aims to understand how we can use stories to promote more sustainable behaviour.

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Prof. dr. Rens van de Schoot

Rens vd Schoot

''I am a strong proponent of openness and transparency within academia and in institutions using scientific processes.'' 

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Schillemans

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Dr. Joel Anderson

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Prof. dr. Paul Leseman

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Prof. dr. Henk Aarts

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