Art, architecture and heritage in society

Carlo Scarpa Exhibition
Carlo Scarpa Exhibition, Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam. Photo: Patrick Van Rossem

Our researchers maintain productive relationships with artists and other makers, museums, art and heritage institutions in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as with research institutes and consultancies. Our research, individual or in cooperation with the heritage field or other partners,  works towards a sustainable, diverse and participatory society in which we see a prominent role for art, architecture and cultural heritage from the past and present.

We provide solutions, knowledge and ideas to the heritage and museum field and work together to conserve and restore art, architecture and urban heritage. Our research focus includes a variety of approaches and fields of expertise, including but not limited to the cultural history of cities, gender, collecting, curatorial practices, the critical reception of art, the use of technical and digital techniques in restoration/conservation and presentation, audience and spectator history as well as  the threat to historical heritage, monuments, inner cities and cultural landscapes from climate and conflict.

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