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Special Interest Group Sensors


The advent of the smartphone and Internet of things has enabled researchers to collect data recorded using sensors. These sensors may yield visual- or audio information (e.g. pictures, video, sound), environmental information (e.g. temperature, air pressure), identify a location. Combinations of data from multiple sensors can be used to understand how humans behave, how the environment differs over time and place, and link the two. How does the environment affect human behavior?

The goal of the SIG Sensors is to exchange experiences with recording and using sensor data in scientific research. The focus will be on sensors that help us understand humans in their environment, but researchers who use sensors outside this field are more than welcome to join.


The SIG sensors is open to all researchers at UU or UMCU who are interested in using sensor data in scientific research. If you would like to be updated about the activities of this SIG, please register for our newsletter.


For further inquiries, please contact Peter Lugtig.