Special Interest Group Open Statistical Software JASP and R

Organisation team

Open Statistical Software


This SIG promotes the use of open statistical software for education and research. For us open means that software is free and extendable, which holds for both JASP and R. Two branches and corresponding UU user communities will be established:

  1. Teaching using JASP. The goal is to exchange experiences both for teaching statistics courses using JASP, and for teaching substantial (e.g. psychological or medical) courses that promote open science by providing and discussing data, codes, and analyses results for one of the research examples presented in the course in the form of a .jasp file.
  2. Making your own software publicly available in the form of an R package or JASP module. The goal is to exchange experiences with respect to open software creation.

The activities of this SIG will be meetings that consist of tutorials (ranging from “a crash course in R/JASP” to “data science using R” to “how to create and maintain an R package”), presentations of examples, Q&A’s, discussion of open science, and presentation of new developments.


Participants of this SIG have an interest in open science in combination with teaching statistical and substantial courses using JASP and/or an interest in making software publicly available in the form of an R package and/or JASP module.


For further inquiries, please contact Herbert Hoijtink.