Animal Ecology

Research in the Animal Ecology group involves two research lines, concerning animal group living, with a special focus on primates, and primate social cognition.

Summerschool Utrecht: Observing Primate Behaviour from 16-27 July 2018.


Padualaan 8
De Uithof
3584 CH Utrecht


Groepsfoto van professoren die meedoen aan Meet the Professor.
20 April 2016
Both the professors and the primary school pupils were very enthusiastic about 'Meet the professor'.
Troostgedrag van prairiewoelmuizen. Foto: Zack Johnson
26 January 2016
Science publication: Prairie voles and humans recognise stress in others via the same brain mechanism
Liesbeth Sterck benoemd tot hoogleraar Ecological Determinants of Behaviour
15 April 2013
Liesbeth Sterck appointed as Professor of Ecological Determinants of Behaviour


29 June 2018 14:00 - 20:00
Symposium and BBQ, with key-note speaker prof. dr. Dick Swaab, on 'Our Creative Brain'