Student Talks

(weekly) on Monday at 16:00h*
Student Journal Club meetings (monthly) are from 14:00-15:45h*
Meetings are in O1.28*, Kruyt Building. 
*unless stated otherwise

Attendance for all students is obligatory

We expect you at campus every monday between 16:00h and 17:00h. Unless of course you are in quarantaine, for those students a Teams link is available.

Contact person and organisation

Student talks: Jorg Massen, room O.304, email:
Journal club & research proposals: Dian Zijlmans, room O.303, email:
(You can pick up the laptop and pointer in room O3.03)

Student talks and seminars

DateTime SpeakerTitle
04 Mar16-17h Roos de VriesEgg sex-ration of Southern Ground-Hornbills 
25 Mar16-17h Dr. Hanna SchleihaufSEMINAR: How chimpanzees and young children seek and use information. 
1 Apr- -Easter Monday
8 Apr- No staffNo talk
15 Apr- No staffNo talk
22 Apr16-17h   

29 Apr

16-17h Thomas van SchaikAcoustic localisation of Guianan red howler (Alouatta macconnelli) roars
6 May16-17h Anna SherlockThe dynamics of social learning in chimpanzees
13 May16-17hRUPPERT - 040Dr. Michelle SpieringsSEMINAR: Rhythm & Pitch: music cognition in parrots, songbirds and primates
20 May- -Pentecost
27 May16-17h Alma NederlofThe function of vocal complexity in male-male gelada (Theropithecus gelada) communication.
3 June16-17hRUPPERT PAARSProf. dr. Sarah BrosnanIEB SEMINAR: Using economic games to study cooperation across non-human primates
10 June16-17h   
17 June16-17h   
24 June16-17h Luna ScheijmansThe use of prosody to signal 'request' vs 'comment' in 3 month old infants interactions with their mother