Student Talks (weekly) are on Monday at 16:00h*#
Student Journal Club meetings (monthly) are from 14:00-15:45h*
Meetings are in O1.28*, Kruyt Building. 
*unless stated otherwise

Attendance for all students is obligatory, thus we expect you at campus every monday between 16:00h and 17:00h. Unless of course you are in quarantaine, for those students a Teams link is available.

Contact person and organisation
Student talks: Jorg Massen, room O.304, email:

Journal club & research proposals: Dian Zijlmans, room O.303, email: 

(You can pick up the laptop and pointer in room O3.03)

Student talks and seminars

DateTime SpeakerTitle
6 Nov16-17h Loïs KroonHow boat traffic, behaviour and group size influence acoustic properties of bottlenose dolphin signature whistles
13 Nov16-17h Elise van den NieuwelaarDifferences between wolf (Canis lupus) and dog (Canis lupus familiaris) cooperative tendencies with a human (Homo sapiens) partner: an exploration of domestication
20 Nov16-17h Esmee MiddelburgCrab-fishing behaviour in West African chimpanzees
27 Nov16-17h Arja MentinkThe stability of social networks in chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes) in times of integrating new adult individuals (M&F)
4 Dec16-17h Jonas van OostenContagious yawning in Galahs
11 Dec15-16h Linde de HaasThe use of behavioural welfare indicators to assess an animal's welfare state: a case study on captive intact and castrated Western lowland gorilla's
 16-17h All Master studentsInformation event with tips and tricks to obtain a PhD-position 
 17-19h All Master studentsChristmas party!
18 Dec16-17h Marenne VisThe adaptive function of yawning in captive chimpanzees.
    Christmas break
8 Jan16-17h João Gomes MeirelesHistorical survivorship and longevity of zoo-housed hippos (Hippopotamus amphibius, Choeropsis liberiensis)
15 Jan16-17h Rachel SmeeleContext specific dawn chorusing behaviour in Guereza colobus monkeys in Budongo Forest, Uganda
22 Jan16-17h Michelle RekersThe effect of predator presence on the vocal behaviour of Guereza colobus monkeys.
29 Jan16-17h Milena VlotThe behavioural response of a captive gorilla group to the death of the leading silverback