Student Talks (weekly) are on Monday at 16:00h*#
Student Journal Club meetings (monthly) are from 14:00-15:45h*
Meetings are in O1.28*, Kruyt Building. 
*unless stated otherwise


Attendance for all students is obligatory, thus we expect you at campus every monday between 16:00h and 17:00h. Unless of course you are in quarantaine, for those students a Teams link is available.


Contact person and organisation
Jorg Massen, room O3.04, Email:
(You can pick up the laptop and pointer in room O3.03)

Student talks and seminars

DateTime SpeakerTitle
6 Feb16-17h Camée KnopsResearching the Irrawaddy dolphin in Kep archipelago, Cambodia
13 Feb16-17h Celine VeefkindWhich factors influence selective attention in long-tailed macaques?
27 Feb16-17h Anouk LorskensProsociality in bonobos (Pan paniscus) in a token task and free choice group service paradigm
13 Mar16-16:30h Luna ScheijmansProject proposal: The effect of social play on social learning
 16:30-17h Jonas van OostenProject proposal: Contagious yawning in rose breasted cockatoos.
20 Mar16-17h Anita Guðjónsdóttir Long-Tailed Macaques' (Macaca-fascicularis) Personality as a Predictor of Coping Style
27 Mar16-17h Jorrit VerkleijIndividual repeatability and species differences in neophobia in two parrot species
3 Apr16-17h Arthur van DijkThe effect of visitor-brought dogs on several zoo-living species
10 Apr16-17h Eastern 
17 Apr16-17h Dr. Bawan Amin (UU)SEMINAR: Animal personality and early life-history in juvenile fallow deer
24 Apr16-17h João Gomes Meireles

Pair Compatibility in the Okapi Ex-situ Breeding Programme: A look at male aggressive behaviour during breeding introductions.

1 May16-17h Puck EicherStress induction in zoo kept Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) to induce Endotheliotroop Herpes Virus (EEHV) shedding in adult elephants with the aim to expose non-adult elephants to EEHV at an immune optimal age.
8 May   MASTER EVENT: NTPE 2; Navigation Towards Personal Excellence 2
15 May16-17h Prof. Dr. Kees van Oers (WUR)SEMINAR: The epigenetics of behaviour and cognition; stability and origin of variation in methylation and chromatin states in the great tit.
22 May16-17h Bernadette BruinstroopEffects of maternal loss and siblinghood on the social and vocal behaviour of infant rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
5 Jun16-17h Jelle ReumkesThe anti-predator of captive colobus guereza monkeys
12 Jun16-17h Jonas CustersThe social behaviour of golden jackals on Samos
19 Jun16-17h Tom RothSEMINAR: Research Ethics
26 Jun16-17h Kia Radovanovictba
3 July16-17h Esmee MiddelburgPersonality and cooperation in long-tailed macaques
    Summer Break
11 Sep16-17h Kate MaloneThe behavioural contexts of vocalisations in African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus)
18 Sep16-17h Daniek LangelaarThe visitor effect on zoo-housed species living in visitor-oriented enclosures
25 Sep16-17h Celine VeefkindThe effect of coat colour on testosterone-related behaviours in female African lions (Panthera leo)
2 Oct16-17h Alma NederlofVocal, stress and social behaviours of infant rhesus macaques in response to siblinghood
9 Oct16-17h Luna ScheijmansThe effect of play on problem solving behaviour in long-tailed macaques