Sharing knowledge

The Ancient History Research Group advises, conducts research, and provides guest speakers on the following topics:

  • Political and military history, archaeology and excavations, religion and mythology, imperialism in antiquity, ancient democracy, migration.
  • The Ancient Near East and Iran, Classical Greece, Hellenism, Roman history, Late Antiquity, Jewish history, early Christianity and early Islam.
  • The survival of Classical Antiquity, heritage management, Antiquity & colonialism, Orientalism.
  • Mediterranean, Central Asian, Early Christian, Jewish and early Arab archaeology.
  • Greek and Roman art.
  • New interdisciplinary research methods (C14, stable-isotope studies, and DNA analysis).
  • Non-Western cultures in Antiquity (“Global Antiquity”).
  • The role of sanctuaries in the evolution of the ancient Greek polis.

Does your organisation or company want more information about commissioned research or related activities? Please contact Dr Joost Dankers.


In the past few years, researchers from Ancient History and Classical Civilization shared their knowledge in several ways, for example:

TALANTA: Peer-reviewed Journal for the Study of Antiquity

TALANTA, published by the Dutch Archaeological and Historical Society, is edited by Dr Milinda Hoo et al. The journal is devoted to the study of the Mediterranean world, the Near East, the Iranian world, and East-West relations, from the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity.


Antiek aardewerk uit de collectie van het Universiteitsmuseum

The Archeolab project will make the circa 600 items from the rich archaeological collection of the Utrecht University Museum available for researchers, students, and museum visitors. The project is led by Dr Floris van den Eijnde.

HCARN: Hellenistic Central Asia Research Network

Tajikistan. Photo by Milinda Hoo

HCARN, of which Dr Milinda Hoo is a committee member, is an international association of scholars conducting research on Central Asia, broadly defined, from the late Iron Age to the Kushan Period. The network is aiming to promote collaboration between archaeologists, linguists and historians of Central Asia, whatever their career stage or nationality.

Attic Inscriptions Online

We actively contribute to the website Attic Inscriptions Online, an international project led by Dr Stephen Lambert (Cardiff, UK) that makes documents related to the ancient history of Athens available to a wider public.