Sharing knowledge

The Ancient History and Classical Civilization research group issues advice, performs research and provides guest speakers on the following themes:

  • political history, antique democracy, citizenship and participation, empires, migration, religion
  • Hellenism, Roman history, late antiquity, Jewish history, early Christianity
  • the continued influence of the classical tradition, classical mythology
  • archaeology (classical, early Christian, Jewish), cultural heritage management, ancient art history
  • new interdisciplinary research methods (C14, stable isotope research and DNA analysis)

Does your organisation or company want more information about commissioned research or related activities? Please contact Dr Joost Dankers, +31 (0)30 253 9145.


In the past few years, researchers from Ancient History and Classical Civilization shared their knowledge in several ways, for example:

Antiek aardewerk uit de collectie van het Universiteitsmuseum

The Archeolab project will make the circa 600 items from the rich archaeological collection of the Utrecht University Museum available for researchers, students, and museum visitors. The project is led by Dr Floris van den Eijnde.

We actively contribute to the website Attic Inscriptions Online, an international project led by Dr Stephen Lambert (Cardiff, UK) that makes documents related to the ancient history of Athens available to a wider public.

Professor of Late Antiquity Leonard Rutgers writes a weekly column on new archaeological discoveries in the Dutch newspaper Financieele Dagblad.

Forum Romanum in Rome. Wikimedia Commons/Stefan Bauer

Utrecht University alumni make financial contribution to archaeological digs in Rome via the Utrecht University Fund.


Is a lottery procedure fair or not? 
KNAW theme day (2013) with Dr Margo Trappenburg, Prof. Ingrid Robeyns and Prof. Bert van den Brink.

Persian objects at Louvre Museum in Paris. Wikimedia Commons/PersianDutchNetwork

International Conference Persianism in Antiquity, organised by Dr Rolf Strootman in collaboration with the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University and the Netherlands Institute in Turkey in Istanbul.