The department of Ancient Cultures offers her students in Utrecht a broad variety of lectures, in which the history, archaeology, art and literature of Antiquity are studies on both bachelor (BA) and master (MA/RMA) level. Our researchers are internationally active in academics and teach the following study-programmes at Utrecht University:

For Bachelor students

Minor Ancient Culture

In the minor Ancient Culture students interact with various different aspects of the Ancient World (archaeology, literature, philosophy and culture), a cultural-historical period which geographically spans from the area of East-Iran to England and Gibraltar, and chronologically from 3500 B.C.E. until 500 C.E. Read more (in Dutch)

Minor Archeology

This minor will help you find your way around the material cultures of the Ancient and Medieval World, from the Mediterranean to our own Domplein in Utrecht. Central questions in this minor are: ‘How do we study material culture?’ and ‘How can we answer historical questions with the help of archaeology?’ Read more about Archeology

For Master students

Research Master Ancient Studies

Our Research Master’s programme in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies focuses on interdisciplinary study of the material, social, and intellectual developments in Europe (including the Mediterranean region) from Antiquity through the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

Within this programme the Ancient Studies track focuses on classical civilisation from c. 1000 BCE to c. 500 CE and offers courses on Classical Greece, Hellenism, Classical Rome, and Late Antiquity. Particular focus is placed on the linguistic skills needed to study these periods, and Latin or Greek is mandatory.