Decision Support Systems

Computer supported decision making becomes increasingly important when dealing with complex problems.

We all make millions of decisions every day. Some of these have little impact, while others greatly affect our lives or society at large. The greater the impact, the more relevant our understanding of complex – and interplaying – information becomes. As a result, experts are regularly called upon to solve complex decision problems in their every-day problem-solving practice. Examples include the medical field, where specialists have to establish diagnoses and decide upon appropriate treatment-alternatives, or the financial field, where companies want to forecast demand, and decide upon investments.

In many of these fields, the question rapidly become increasingly complex, and highly tailored support from computer-based systems for decision making is called for. The aim of the Decision-Support Systems research programme is to design a new generation of decision-support systems that are capable of handling the increasing complexity of the problems in their domains of application.

Our research

The Decision-Support Systems research programme is aimed at the design and analysis of decision-support systems that build upon concepts and techniques from statistics. Within the programme, the use of concepts and techniques from statistics for decision support is being studied in two main research themes: decision making under uncertainty and evolutionary computation. Within these themes the scope of our research is:

  • Practicability of probability-computation
  • Design of methodologies and techniques for constructing and analysing probabilistic networks and evolutionary algorithms.
  • Design and optimization of algorithms for probabilistic reasoning and evolutionary computation.
  • Application of probabilistic networks and evolutionary algorithms in decision support systems.

One special area of interest to which we apply our algorithms is predicting the diagnosis of avian influenza and swine fever.  By using a multitude of environmental and animal related variables we can help officials make appropriate decisions even before biological tests are conclusive.


We are always interested in research collaborations on all themes related to the application or development of decision support systems; both with research institutes as well as companies. Please contact us if you want to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Decision Support Systems is one of the research groups of the division Algorithms within the department of Information and Computing sciences.