PhD IT Programme for the public sector

Utrecht University would like its research and education to impact society and therefore views supporting public organisations with complex IT challenges as a wonderful opportunity. This is why the Department of Information and Computing Sciences and Career Services have cooperated to develop a meaningful, interactive PhD IT Programme.

Opportunities for public organisations and IT staff

On the one hand, Utrecht University’s PhD IT Programme offers public sector organisations the opportunity to recruit ambitious young IT talent. On the other hand, the university provides ambitious IT staff with the opportunity to do a PhD to further develop themselves. This allows us to bring the challenges facing organisations together with Utrecht University’s expertise.

Societal issue PhDs

The programme enables new and current IT staff at public sector organisations to gain their PhD whilst focusing on a unique societal issue. Alongside conducting meaningful, scientific research, the focus for this group of dual PhD candidates is on learning to disseminate knowledge and skill within public sector organisations.


Read more on the website: Dual PhD IT Programme (in Dutch)

Coordinator Dual PhD IT Programme