Education for professionals

Many professionals need knowledge regarding AI and Data Science. In collaboration with the Department of Information and Computing Sciences, we organise various professional education activities. Alongside small-scale activities, there are currently two larger programmes and we are evaluating demand.

Data Science for government programme

First of all, there is a data science programme for government data science trainees. It’s duration is one year with one to two meetings a month, designed according to the EDISON data science framework. The programme is organised in cooperation with the Applied Data Science focus area, involving experts from various faculties and external institutions. It comprises all manner of subjects varying from machine learning to visualisation and from knowledge discovery to ethics.

AI programme for IT consultants

The other programme organised is an AI programme for government IT consultants. The six-day programme is organised as an executive, on-campus programme and is organised in conjunction with the Human-centred Artificial Intelligence focus area, thereby representing the interdisciplinary character of the field represented in the programme. The latter consists of lectures, discussions and workshops. A wide range of AI subjects will be covered from future technologies and robotics, to ethics and contextual case studies such as AI & law.

Education with professionals

These programmes primarily focus on cooperation between our experts and government organisations. They involve a wide range of researchers and lecturers from across the university. Furthermore, there is a shift underway from education for professionals to education with professionals using collaboratively created educational modules.


Would you like to know more about education for professionals or would you like to take a course? If so, please contact our programme director.

Programme Director Education for Professionals