What we offer

Utrecht University’s AI Labs provide various opportunities for cooperation in the fields of research and education. We offer:

Research at a thematic lab

Organisations can cooperate with researchers on themed, real-world issues. Utrecht University has a National Police Lab AI, where the police and the justice department cooperate with various universities, and an AI & Mobility Lab where transporters and other stakeholders collaborate with researchers. Other thematic labs are currently under development.

PhD IT Programme

Public organisations can participate in the PhD IT Programme. The latter offers them the opportunity to recruit talented graduates. The programme also offers IT professionals the chance to further develop themselves during a PhD.

Education for professionals

We organise a variety of courses on AI and Data Science for professionals. Alongside small-scale activities, there are currently two major programmes underway and we are evaluating demand.

Working with students

The AI Labs will experiment with a new take on cooperation between students and organisations. Students from various study programmes will tackle AI problems from public and private organisations as part of multidisciplinary teams.