Designing Responsible AI for Media Applications

Our research focuses on supporting and guiding media companies in embedding responsible AI in their organizations and in the design, development and deployment of responsible AI applications, by developing domain-specific ethical tools. This involves working with concrete cases around AI, provided by the practice partners. These cases are pluralistic recommendation systems, inclusive speech recognition systems for the Dutch language and collaborative production support systems.

The envisioned results of this project are new knowledge about the design of responsible AI in media applications, media-focused ethical tools, and change in the participating media organizations regarding responsible AI.


Tina Mioch, Sieuwert van Otterloo, Cathelijn Timmers, Ernst-Jan Hamely, Stefan Leijnen, Marlies van Steenbergen

Grant funding agency; (co-)funding (non-)academic partners

RAAK; The consortium is composed of three universities of applied sciences (HR, HU, HvA), four media organizations (NPO, VPRO, Beeld en Geluid, RTL) and a network organization (Media Perspectives).

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