About the AI Labs

The Netherlands are digitising rapidly. Many organisations are struggling with how to design and utilise digital resources. The major obstacles facing public and private organisations are a lack of up-to-the-minute knowledge and highly trained staff with IT educations. This primarily applies to the AI and Data Science domains.

Linking organisations to research and education

To alleviate the above, organisations are increasingly investing structurally in research and education. The AI Labs help to organically link external organisations to a research and education ecosystem.

The AI Labs are the place for knowledge institutions, companies, public sector organisations, students, lecturers and researchers to cooperate on strategic, societally-relevant research in the fields of AI and Data Science. Collaboration thereby takes place with regard to knowledge development and to design as well as the development, testing and studying of tools and solutions.

Knowledge Network

The AI Labs aim to generate and apply academic as well as practice-oriented knowledge, thereby providing additional education and training to (new) professionals. Investing in a lab also entails various organisations participating in a sharing-oriented knowledge network.

The AI Labs thereby develop best practices for public-private and public-public cooperation on research and education. This means they are an important part of the AI Hub for the central Netherlands area and the human capital agenda of the IT sector.

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