Information Infrastructures

The research theme Information Infrastructures investigates, in its broadest sense, "the technical, social, and political framework that encompasses the people, technology, tools, and services used to facilitate the distributed, collaborative use of content over time and distance" (Borgman, 2010:19). An Information Infrastructure can refer to both a strictly structured datawarehouse as a loosely coupled big data lake. We consider aspects such as interoperability versus uniformity, data quality versus usability, as well as standardisation versus situationality (e.g. Hanseth et al., 1996). Moreover, it includes the design of managerial artifacts to evaluate and improve Information Infrastructures in daily practices such as maturity models (e.g. Baars et al., 2016).

The first completed PhD dissertation related to Information Infrastructures is from Willem Bekkers on Situational Process Improvement (e.g. Bekkers et al, 2010). Current PhD projects in this research theme include Armel Lefebvre’s Data Stewardship environment (e.g. Lefebvre et al., 2015), and Jan van Dijk’s Data Space System (van Dijk et al., 2013). Furthermore, this theme is also actively under investigation by several other PhD students in our ADS Lab as part of their Analytic Systems research.

Highlighted Papers 
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