Optimizing stream restoration to improve riparian plant diversity

Restored stream.

This project aims to disentangle the mechanisms of (re-)colonization of aquatic- and riparian plant species in order to stimulate the ecological value and biodiversity of streams and their riparian zones. Increased awareness of high biodiversity losses in lowland streams and their riparian zones has promoted the restoration towards more natural hydrology and morphology. However, re-colonization of desired plant species can be hampered by insufficient habitat improvement or habitat fragmentation. By studying species arrival, as well as the fate of arrived species at several restored lowland streams in the Netherlands, this project will improve stream restoration measures for future  ecosystem restoration.

The project is carried out by Rob Fraaije MSc in collaboration with  Prof.dr. Jos Verhoeven and dr. Merel Soons; and is funded by Agentschap NL (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) and the Foundation for Applied Water Research (STOWA).