Wereldkerken in Nederland

Jip Lensink et al.

Omslag boek 'Wereldkerken in Nederland'

Jip Lensink, PhD Candidate in Religious Studies, has contributed as interviewer and author to the book Wereldkerken in Nederland by Museum Catharijneconvent and SKIN. She has recorded six stories of migrants from Evangelical and Pentecostal churches as well as international churches.

Diversity in Dutch Christianity

Wereldkerken in Nederland reveals a world of diversity in Christianity in the Netherlands. The book takes you to churches you did not know existed. You come across the most unexpected places: not only in historic city centres, but also on industrial estates or in a former printing works. The book is a sequel to the monumental standard work Kerkinterieurs in Nederland from 2016.

Wereldkerken in Nederland 

Explore the history of migrants and their churches through analyses by experts who examine the traditions of churches and apply them to the contemporary debate on diversity and migration. This exciting and innovative project reveals the hidden treasures of Dutch Christianity like never before.

You can buy the book at the publisher and Museum Catharijneconvent.