We and the others

The opening of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin is subject to heated public debates. Prof. Birgit Meyer contributed a short essay in German, Wir und die Anderen (we and the others), to a special issue of the Rotary Magazin, titled Alles nur geklaut? (All just stolen?). 

New understanding of the world

In her essay, Meyer explains why anthropology is to play a central role in developing a new understanding of the world. This new understanding needs te be developed against the backdrop of the recognition of the colonial past and the ensuing global entanglements.

Birgit Meyer

Trained as a cultural anthropologist and working on lived religion in Ghana for more than 20 years, Birgit Meyer studies religion from a global and post-secular perspective. Her research is driven by an urge to make sense of the shifting place and role of religion in our time, and to show that scholarly work in the field of religion is of eminent concern to understanding the shape of our world in the early 21st century. 


  • Title: Wir und die Anderen
  • Author: Birgit Meyer
  • Publisher: Rotary Magazin
  • Issue: 9/2021