Tine De Moor co-author of new publication in Energy Research & Social Science journal

In the paper Transforming innovation for decarbonisation? Insights from combining complex systems and social practice perspectives​, recently published online in Elsevier's journal Energy Research & Social Science, an international group of 15 academics (among whom Prof Tine De Moor (Economic and Social History)) from a wide range of disciplines argues that contemporary methodological approaches informed by complex systems and social practices theories provide urgently needed insights into innovation for decarbonisation.

Prof. dr. Tine De Moor. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Prof. dr. Tine De Moor. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk

The authors advocate for research and policy agendas that are firmly grounded in social practices and take complex and dynamic interactions of energy supply and demand as departing point to seriously reflect about the transitions that are put before us, instead of just departing from a merely techno-centric point of view.


The paper specifically addresses the following questions: Why are current conceptualisations of innovation narrowly framed and with what consequences? How would a framing of innovation grounded on complex systems and social practice theories improve the understanding of opportunities and challenges at stake with innovation for decarbonisation? How could this framing help uncover and deploy an important and still often neglected social innovation potential?