Research Handbook on HRM in the Public Sector

New: Research Handbook on HRM in the public sector, edited by Bram Steijn (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Eva Knies (Utrecht University). Thanks to contributions from no less than 51 authors from 21 countries, this handbook offers a state-of-the-art overview of evidence-based knowledge on Human Resource Management in the public sector. It adds an international perspective to this field of research, with specific attention for a European view. Moreover, the authors show how important context is for HRM in the public sector. Not only the public sector context as such, but also differences between countries and types of organizations (public administration, education, healthcare). ‘This handbook addresses topical challenges for public sector practice, and also sets a research agenda studying HRM in the public sector,' says Eva Knies.

Research Handbook on HRM in the Public Sector

Bringing together over fifty leading global experts, this Research Handbook provides a state-of-the-art overview of research findings regarding Human Resource Management (HRM) in the public sector. Original chapters provide useful insights from two different disciplines: public administration and HRM. They illustrate that the public context of organisations matters and discuss research findings detailing how this plays out in practice.

Divided into six distinct parts, this Research Handbook covers the key areas of strategic HRM, the HRM cycle, HRM and the outcomes, linking mechanisms in the HRM value chain, as well as HRM and context. Providing crucial information, Part VI examines the main future challenges for HRM in public organisations and provides extensive knowledge across different areas for future research.

This engaging Research Handbook will be an excellent resource for scholars in public administration as well as HRM practitioners and scholars with interests in the public contexts and how this affects HRM. It will also provide obligatory reading for advanced students to understand the distinctiveness of HRM in public organisations.

Research Handbook on HRM in the Public Sector. Edited by Bram Steijn, Professor of Public Administration, Erasmus University, Rotterdam and Eva Knies, Professor of Strategic Human Resource Management, Utrecht University School of Governance, the Netherlands.

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