Protestantism as a Worldwide Renewal Movement from 1945 until Today: Panoramic Survey

Jan Jongeneel

Links: Titelpagina van de Statenvertaling. Biblia. Bron: Wikimedia/Nederlands Bijbel Genootschap
Left: Title page of de Statenvertaling. Biblia, Source: Wikimedia/ Dutch States-General

Emeritus Professor of Missiology Jan Jongeneel recently published 'Protestantism as a Worldwide Renewal Movement from 1945 Until Today: Panoramic Overview'. In this book, he discusses Protestantism in 199 countries around the world, with ample attention to human rights and the modern martyrs.

Ten percent of the world's population

Of the 199 countries, 28 currently have a Protestant majority. In all other countries, Protestantism is in the minority or virtually absent. In total, approximately ten percent of the world's population is Protestant, but the influence of Protestantism on the world is many times greater, Jongeneel writes.

Influence and meaning

Jongeneel also writes that Protestantism made the Bible the best-selling book in the world, and provided more hymns than any other religion or movement. "Protestants dream of a universal language, a universal statement of faith, and a universal hymn."

Furthermore, the book highlights the significance of Protestant Nobel laureates and martyrs, such as Billy Graham, Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela.