10 January 2019

Politics and Governance: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Studying Emotions within Politics and International Relations

A special issue of open access journal Politics and Governance on 'Interdisciplinary Approaches to Studying Emotions within Politics and International Relations' has been published recently. 

Several researchers of Utrecht University have contributed to this publication. Dr Eleni Braat (History of International Relations), dr Trineke Palm (History of International Relations) and dr  Yuri van Hoef (History of International Relations) wrote an article. The individual articles are listed below.

Table of contents

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Emotions in Politics and International Relations
By Alex Prior and Yuri van Hoef

The Pitfalls of “Love and Kindness”: On the Challenges to Compassion/Pity as a Political Emotion
By Anne-Kathrin Weber

Emotions and Political Narratives: Populism, Trump and Trade
By Amy Skonieczny

Emotional Interest Representation and the Politics of Risk in Child Protection
By Jo Warner

Getting the Story Right: A Constructivist Interpretation of Storytelling in the Context of UK Parliamentary Engagement
By Alex Michael Prior

Understanding Emotions in Policy Studies through Foucault and Deleuze
By Anna Durnová

The Advocacy of Feelings: Emotions in EU-Based Civil Society Organizations’ Strategies
By Rosa Sanchez Salgado

Friendship and Positive Peace: Conceptualising Friendship in Politics and International Relations
By Yuri van Hoef and Andrea Oelsner

Appropriately Upset? A Methodological Framework for Tracing the Emotion Norms of the Transatlantic Security Community
By Simon Koschut

Interwar Blueprints of Europe: Emotions, Experience and Expectation
By Trineke Palm

The Map to the Heart: An Analysis of Political Affectivity in Turkey
By Tereza Capelos and Stavroula Chrona

Loyalty and Secret Intelligence: Anglo‒Dutch Cooperation during World War II
By Eleni Braat