27 February 2019

The harvest of 7 months of ocean research

NICO-Expedition report 2017-2018 presented

The NICO Expedition team is proud to present the NICO report 2017-2018: The harvest of 7 months of ocean research. The teams thank all partners and researchers for making NICO such a great success! Or, as NIOZ director Henk Brinkhuis put it: ‘The NICO expedition has clearly brought ocean research to the attention of the general public and policymakers!’

Course and stages of the 2017-2018 expedition

The NICO expedition (Netherlands Initiative Changing Oceans) is a scientific cruise initiated by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and Royal NIOZ to investigate changing oceans. Over 100 researchers from 20 organisations, including Utrecht University, have participated in the expedition which aims to examine the characteristics of the ocean and the seas. Besides performing the research, much attention has been given to informing the public of the findings and experiences via press releases and blogs.

The multidisciplinary character is unique to the expedition. The 7-month expedition on board the RV Pelagia sailed from the Caribbean Sea, via the Mississippi delta and Ireland back to Texel in the Netherlands. During the trip, geologists, marine biologists, ecologists and oceanographers sailed along, who have picked up research questions from the Ocean note approved by the Council of Ministers in 2017.

A full report is now available in Dutch and English and can be found here.