Israelpolitik: German–Israeli relations, 1949–69


This month Manchester University Press published the book Israelpolitik: German-Israeli relations, 1949-69 by Dr Lorena De Vita (History and Art History). In this book De Vita examines the contradictions and dilemmas that shaped the making of German-Israeli relations at the outset of the Cold War.

Lorena de Vita (fotograaf: Michiel Bles)
Dr. Lorena de Vita


Israelpolitik takes two of the most interesting dimensions of the Cold War - the German problem and the Middle East conflict - and weaves them together, providing a bipolar history of German-Israeli relations in the aftermath of the Holocaust. Drawing upon sources from both sides of the Iron Curtain and of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the book offers new insights not only into the early history of German-Israeli relations, but also into the dynamics of the Cold War competition between the two German states, as each attempted to strengthen its position in the Middle East and in the international arena while struggling with the legacy of the Nazi past.


  • Title: Israelpolitik: German–Israeli relations, 1949–69
  • Author: Lorena De Vita
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
  • ISBN: 9781526147813