Dossier Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies

Reindert Dhondt et al.

Omslag themanummer ‘Affective Arrangements and Violence in Latin America’ van het Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 31.3 (2022)

The Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies just published the dossier Affective Arrangements and Violence in Latin America, edited by Assistant Professor in Spanish and Latin American Literature Reindert Dhondt, Associate Professor in Literary Theory and Cultural Studies Silvana Mandolessi (KU Leuven), and writer and researcher Martín Zícari.

Mobilisation of affects

The articles in the dossier explore how social practices and aesthetic objects in Latin America mobilise affective dispositions and politics. The articles investigate a multiplicity of bodies, which are both individual and social, human and non-human, natural and cultural, textual and visual, shaping as well as deconstructing the surface of the Latin American territory.

Affects mobilise – and are mobilised – in multiple ways and through multiple media, but all the articles share the common intent to examine the mobilisation of affects as relational, social, and situated dynamics, interrogating the particular situatedness of Latin America.

Video: the affective turn

Together with editor-in-chief Jens Anderman (NYU), Reindert Dhondt and Silvana Mandolessi discuss the affective turn and its implications for the study of violence in Latin America in a video.

Watch the video about the affective turn