Dolci detti. Dante, la letteratura e i poeti

Boekcover van Dolci detti Dante, la letteratura e i poeti

Marsilio Editore has published the new book by assistant professor of Italian Literature and Translation Studies Dr Gandolfo Cascio, titled 'Dolci detti. Dante, la letteratura e i poeti'.

Dr. Gandolfo Cascio
Dr Gandolfo Cascio

Dante, literature, and poets

In several passages of the Divine Comedy, Dante reflects on what literature is or accomplishes. It can console or serve as a guide, it becomes a homeland or appears as a seductive metamorphosis; sometimes poetry even becomes a weapon for waging war with the dearest of friends. Then there is the particular, and often decisive, relationship that some writers have had with Dante's work, which undoubtedly constitutes one of the most interesting chapters of Dante's reception. The essays collected in this volume address the relationship between the medieval poet and writing, and attempt to interpret these miraculous conversations.

The first part of this work deals with the exchange of poems between Dante and his contemporaries, as well as his ideas about literature as he expressed them in the Divine Comedy. The second part considers his afterlife and how other authors, such as Baretti, Borgese and Mandelstam, entered into 'conversation' with Dante in their texts.


  • Title: Dolci detti. Dante, la letteratura e i poeti
  • Author: Gandolfo Cascio
  • Publisher: Marsilio Editore
  • ISBN: 9788829710690