Crossing Borders, Crossing Cultures

Popular Print in Europe (1450–1900)

Last month De Gruyter Oldenbourg published Crossing Borders, Crossing Cultures. Popular Print in Europe (1450–1900). This book is co-edited by Dr Jeroen Salman (Early Modern Literature). He is also the author of the preface. 

This volume explores the challenges and possibilities of research into the European dimensions of popular print culture. Popular print culture has traditionally been studied with a national focus. Recent research has revealed, however, that popular print culture has many European dimensions and shared features. A group of specialists in the field has started to explore the possibilities and challenges of research on a wide, European scale.

Media-driven approach

The book contains the first overview and analysis of the different approaches, methodologies and sources that will stimulate and facilitate future comparative research. This volume first addresses the benefits of a media-driven approach, focussing on processes of content recycling, interactions between text and image, processes of production and consumption. A second perspective illuminates the distribution and markets for popular print, discussing audiences, prices and collections. A third dimension refers to the transnational dimensions of genres, stories, and narratives. A last perspective unravels the communicative strategies and dynamics behind European bestsellers.