7 January 2020

Biopolitics, Necropolitics, Cosmopolitics: Feminist and Queer Interventions

Dr. Christine Quinan
Dr Christine Quinan

This special issue of the Journal of Gender Studies, edited by Dr Christine Quinan and Dr Kathrin Thiele (Media and Culture Studies), engages with the topics of biopolitics, necropolitics, and cosmopolitics in our current society.

While biopolitics and necropolitics have gained more and more scholarly attention, this Special Issue aims to nuance this conversation by emphasizing feminist and queer investments and by adding the analytical lens of cosmopolitics to the ongoing debates around life/living and death/dying in the current political climate.

Dr. Kathrin Thiele
Dr Kathrin Thiele

The migration crisis, the rise of populism on a global scale, neo-imperial practices and homonationalist strategies, and state-sanctioned targeting of gender, sexual, racial and ethnic ‘others’ are only a few of the crises that we face today and that mark some lives as more – or less – worthy than others. In asking which lives are deemed worthy of recognition and inclusion in contemporary regimes of power and which lives are considered disposable, this Special Issue aims at opening up onto new ways of imagining politics, resistance strategies and more-than-human agencies.