Advances in Speech and Music Technology

Emile Wennekes, Chair Professor of Musicology, is co-editor of the publication Advances in Speech and Music Technology. In this publication, recent research in the field of speech and music processing is presented.

Technological advancement and interdisciplinarity

The publication is organised in five sections, considering both technological advancement and interdisciplinary nature of speech and music processing. The first section contains chapters covering the foundations of both vocal and instrumental music processing. The second section includes chapters related to computational techniques involved in the speech and music domain.

Users of computers and the Internet

A lot of research is being performed within the music information retrieval domain which is potentially interesting for most users of computers and the Internet. Therefore, the third section is dedicated to the chapters related to music information retrieval. The fourth section contains chapters on the brain signal analysis and human cognition or perception of speech and music. The final section consists of chapters on spoken language processing and applications of speech processing. 


  • Title: Advances in Speech and Music Technology
  • Editors: Anupam Biswas, Emile Wennekes, Tzung-Pei Hong, and Alicja A. Wieczorkowska 
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • ISBN: 9789813368811