Serres on Education

Cover van het boek Serres on Education

Serres on Education is the latest contribution to Temple Continental: Philosophers for our Time. In this booklet, Professor of Theory of Cultural Inquiry Iris van der Tuin and Dr Anouk Zuurmond of the University of Groningen introduce readers to the French philosopher Michel Serres, and his thinking on education.

Education as swimming

Van der Tuin and Zuurmond cover the ‘disparateness’ of knowledge in an internet age, the ‘voyage’ of pedagogy, the inequalities inscribed in institutions, the need for education outside as much as in a library, and the importance of interdisciplinarity. For Serres, education is perhaps best compared to swimming mid-stream as one attempts to cross a river.


  • Title: Serres on Education
  • Authors: Iris van der Tuin and Anouk Zuurmond
  • Publisher: William Temple Foundation