‘Screening Intellectuals: Cinematic Engagements and Postcolonial Activism’, Transnational Screens

Omslag van het tijdschrift Transnational Screens 13.2 (Foto: © Moongift Films)
© Moongift Films

Professor of Media, Gender and Postcolonial Studies Sandra Ponzanesi has co-edited a special issue of the journal Transnational Screens with Ana Mendes (University of Lisbon), titled 'Screening Intellectuals: Cinematic Engagements and Postcolonial Activism'.

Intellectuals in film

This special issue proposes new ways of seeing and thinking about postcolonial intellectuals through the frame of transnational screens. For this purpose, the issue develops around the twofold notion of the intellectual as a filmmaker and the intellectual as an object of filmmaking.

In particular, it focuses on the ways in which this interrelationship expands notions of postcolonial theory and practice regarding the aesthetic and political intervention of intellectuals in transnational screen culture.

Influential figures

Many postcolonial figures have been influential not only in rethinking the ways in which representation should be conceived and theorized but also in inspiring new forms of visuality and aesthetics through their life and work. These figures include Frantz Fanon, Assia Djebar, and Stuart Hall, among others.

The special issue also includes exclusive interviews with Ai Weiwei and Trinh T. Minh-ha, artists, intellectuals, activists, and filmmakers whose engagement with postcolonial debates, and more broadly with the politics and aesthetics of filmmaking, have contributed to a reshaping of contemporary postcolonial realities and discourses, in scholarship and the public sphere.