Remembering Social Movement: Activism and Memory

Boek Remembering Social Movements

In May 2021, the book Remembering Social Movements: Activism and Memory is published by Routledge. Dr Sophie van den Elzen, Prof. Ann Rigney (both Comparative Literature), Prof. Berteke Waaldijk (Gender Studies), and Dr Christian Wicke (Political History) have all contributed to this interdisciplinary collaboration.

Remembering Social Movements

Remembering Social Movements examines how social movements act to shape public memory as well as how memory plays an important role within social movements through historical case studies, which include transnational and explicitly comparative case studies, in addition to cases rooted in German, Australian, Indian, and American history. It forms a detailed historiographical and theoretical review of the field in which social movements and collective memory collide.


  • Title: Remembering Social Movement: Activism and Memory
  • Editors: Stefan Berger, Sean Scalmer, and Christian Wicke
  • Publisher: Routledge
  • ISBN: 9780367541552