Doing Digital Migration Studies: Theories and Practices of the Everyday

Koen Leurs and Sandra Ponzanesi

Omslag van het boek 'Doing Digital Migration Studies' (2024)

Doing Digital Migration Studies: Theories and Practices of the Everyday, edited by Koen Leurs and Sandra Ponzanesi, presents a comprehensive entry point to the variety of theoretical debates, methodological interventions, political discussions, and ethical debates around migrant forms of belonging as articulated through digital practices. The publication is available in open access.

Impact of and on digital technologies

Digital technologies impact upon everyday migrant lives, while vice versa migrants play a key role in technological developments – be it when negotiating the communicative affordances of platforms and devices, as consumers of particular commercial services such as sending remittances, as platform gig workers or test cases for new advanced surveillance technologies. With its international scope, this anthology invites scholars to pluralise understandings of ‘the migrant’ and ‘the digital’.

The anthology is organised in five different sections: Creative Practices; Digital Diasporas and Placemaking; Affect and Belonging; Visuality and Digital Media; and Datafication, Infrastructuring, and Securitization. These sections are dedicated to emerging key topics and debates in digital migration studies, and sections are each introduced by international experts.

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