Teaching in the International Classroom

This course is aimed at teachers who (will) teach in English in an international classroom and want to know more about the intercultural and didactic implications of teaching in a diverse and international classroom. Teaching in the International Classroom equips staff to take on the challenges of teaching to an international and therefore diverse student population. The course provides hands-on practice and tailored strategies that can be directly implemented in your own teaching context.

Suitable for: 
Dutch and international teachers in higher education who (will) teach in an international classroom
Start date(s): 
This course has not been scheduled yet. Please contact us if you are interested.
Time investment: 
22 hours (meetings: 14 hours, self study: 8 hours)
To be announced
Onderwijsadvies & Training
€ 865,- (UU-employees can use O&T units - if available and in consultation with your faculty)
Extra information: 

A customized course is possible


Teaching in English in the international classroom requires a methodological shift because it does not only affect teaching performance but also has an impact on the interaction with and among students. We will discuss the didactic implications for teaching as well as for learning in an international classroom.

An important consideration in this is expectation management: how can you make the implicit explicit? We will focus on encouraging interaction between Dutch and international students and we will provide teaching tools for different teaching contexts, e.g. lectures, seminars/tutorials and supervision.

Lastly, we will discuss the role (and impact) of grading and assessment in the international classroom. You will work with your own course materials.


The course has four sessions:

Session 1 (Teaching in English/ Intercultural competences)

  • Implications of teaching in English
  • Stating expectations
  • Intercultural competences

Session 2 (Lectures)

  • Structure and clarity
  • Using an inclusive materials and case studies
  • Interactive lectures

Session 3 (Tutorials)

  • Challenges and best practices for tutorials
  • Guiding students from day-to-day language to a higher-level academic use of language
  • Classroom vocabulary

Session 4 (Grading and Assessment)

  • Different grading systems
  • Giving all students the change to succeed
  • Adapting your assessment(s) to better suit an international classroom


After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • use didactic and presentation skills (including compensation techniques) that a non-native speaker of English needs in order to provide high-quality activities to a diverse group of students
  • encourage interaction between (Dutch and international) students
  • reflect on differences in cultural and educational backgrounds in the international classroom
  • adapt assignments and assessments for use in the international classroom

Participants will receive a certificate when they actively participate in at least three of the four course meetings.


  • This course has not been scheduled yet. Please contact us if you are interested.

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