Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Prognosis Studies

''Reviews of prognosis studies are much more challenging because of more variation in questions & designs, specific sources of bias & variation, and more complex statistical meta-analytical models.''

The number of primary studies evaluating prognostic factors and models is rising per day. Alike for therapies and diagnostic tests. Critically summarizing and analyzing the evidence form prognosis studies in a systematic review and meta analysis is beneficial for health care professionals seeking the best evidence. Several advances regarding the design, critical appraisal and statistical analysis in systematic reviews of prognosis studies, have recently been made.

Start date(s): 
Face-to-face: 7 June 2021 Online: 8 November 2021
Time investment: 
Face-to-face: Five full working days Online: 3 weeks 14 hours per week
University Medical Center Utrecht
Faculty of Medicine
Fee:  This fee is exempt from VAT
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In this course, we expect participants to have a basic knowledge about the principles of prognostic research and of systematic reviews and meta-analysis. A short recap on these topics will be given during the lectures and key papers will be available on this website.

In this online medical course for researchers we discuss and practice how to define your review questions, how to search the literature, how to critically assess the methodological quality of primary prognosis studies, and which statistical methods to use for their synthesis.

The course consists of plenary presentations, small-group discussions, and computer exercises.

At the end of the course, you'll should be able to:

  • Explain the rationale for performing a systematic review of prognostic studies
  • List the key steps of a systematic review of prognostic studies
  • Formulate a focused review question addressing a prognostic problem
  • Systematically search the literature
  • Critically appraise the evidence from primary prognostic studies
  • Formulate the difficulties of meta-analysis of prognostic research
  • Meta-analyses of performance of prognostic models
  • Meta-analyses of the added value of specific prognostic factors


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