Species-specific Laboratory Animal Science

To plan and perform animal experiments you need two certificates: the basic course and the species-specific course

In animal experiments the well-being of laboratory animals is most important. To become qualified to carry out and set up animal experiments, you are required to have completed both a basic course on Laboratory Animal Science and a species-specific course. The species-specific course needs to cover the species you plan to work with.

Suitable for: 
Experts planning and performing animal experiments
Entry requirements: 
  • An MSc degree in a biological or zootechnical discipline or taking part in a MSc programme
  • Knowledge of the basic biology subjects up to 18,75 ECTS (equivalent to 500 study hours) including at least 7.5 ECTS on Anatomy or Zoology and 7.5 ECTS on Physiology
  • Entrance exam, more information below
Start date(s): 
On demand
Time investment: 
Look at each species-specific course for more information
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Look at each species-specific course for more information
Extra information: 
  • If you have a Laboratory Animal Science certificate from before September 2018, the above mentioned requirements do not apply
  • You can find information about each species-specific course below
  • For more information about the course on Laboratory Animal Science (basic course and species-specific course on rodents and rabbits), click here


Utrecht University - Species-specific Laboratory Animal Science

Entrance exam

There is a compulsory entrance exam on the subjects of anatomy, zoology and physiology. For further information, click here. The entrance exam is a multiple choice test that serves as proof of knowledge and must be completed prior to the start of a species-specific course. You register for the entrance test and a species-specific course at the same time.

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Species-specific Laboratory Animal Science courses

At Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine:

Other courses in the Netherlands:

Cancellation Policy

When cancelling a registration:

  • 22 or more days prior to the course start date: you receive a full payment refund.
  • 7–21 days prior to the course start date: 50% refund.
  • 7 or fewer days before the course start date or no-show: no refund.

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