Smoothening your writing process (for PhD students)

Writing academic papers, proposals, or thesis chapters is not easy but good strategies will help you make your writing process more smooth and efficient. This course will focus on the writing process. It is not an English language course.

Suitable for: 
PhD students from all disciplines who have a paper, proposal, or chapter to work on during the period of the course (>9 months underway in your PhD trajectory)
Start date(s): 
This course has not been scheduled yet. Please contact us if you are interested.
Time investment: 
5 meetings of 2,5 hours, 30 minutes for your individual questions and 24 hours of self-study
Onderwijsadvies & Training
€ 782,- (UU-employees* can use O&T units - if available and in consultation with your faculty)


    The secret ingredient of an effective writing process is ‘segmentation’: perform activities such as outlining, writing, revising, and editing, one by one. This will make each of them a lot easier and more doable.

    In this course you will work on your own proposal, article, or thesis chapter. We will organise information, instructions and (peer) feedback. You will get ample opportunity to practise strategies for tackling the process, such as effective outlining, speed writing a first draft and goal-directed step-by-step revision. By critical reflection on which of these tools you find helpful and why, you will find out how to best make the writing process work for you as a person. Along this, we will always pay attention to the structure and the strength of what you are writing and how to best ask for useful feedback from your peers and supervisors.

    Time investment 

    5 meetings of 2,5 hours, 30 minutes for your individual questions and 24 hours of self-study


    Book: Jong, J. de (2017). Effective Strategies for Academic Writing. Bussum: Coutinho.

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    * PhD candidates of the UU are advised to first contact their graduate school. 

    • PhD candidates of the UU Graduate school of Social and Behavioural Sciences should contact Madelon Pieper to apply. 
    • PhD candidates of the UU Graduate school of Humanities should contact Aad Haverkamp to apply.

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