Leadership in Healthcare

To meet different challenges in healthcare there is a need of leadership in healthcare.

In order to keep healthcare efficient, accessible, safe and of good quality in the future, there is a need for leadership to meet these challenges and bring changes in healthcare practice. Clinical leadership is about healthcare professionals that actively ensures daily patient care based on the ambition to continuously improve that care. This course, which is largely offered online, focuses on the question of how you can improve healthcare through leadership.

Entry requirements: 

A Master's degree in the field of Health and Life Sciences

Start date(s): 
2 September 2019
Time investment: 
210 hours (7.5 EC)
University Medical Center Utrecht
Faculty of Medicine
Fee: This fee is exempt from VAT
€ 930
Extra information: 
  • During this course you will shadow a self-chosen "healthcare leader" and you will be encouraged to reflect on and develop your own personal leadership skills and values. A report of your shadowing activities will be 100% of your final grade.
  • In the online environment the student is given assignments to reflect on leadership and to discuss this with fellow students.
  • The course is in English and the final assignment should be written in English as well. However, conversations in this course with your peers or the moderators/content experts can be in Dutch. If you prefer to improve your English, you are free to communicate in English.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use and explain the basic principles of leadership
  • Understand the added value of a strong healthcare leader
  • Explain the concepts of a clinician scientist and explain the added value of a clinician scientist
  • Read and elaborate on managerial and leadership research related to healthcare organizations