Internationalisation of the Curriculum

The course is aimed at programme directors/course coordinators who have an international programme and want to know more about embedding internationalisation/intercultural competences into the curriculum. In this 3-hour workshop we will discuss how you can internationalise your curriculum by using the IoC framework. Current literature on internationalisation of the curriculum and examples from practice will be discussed.

Suitable for: 
Programme directors/ course coordinators
Start date(s): 
This course has not been scheduled yet. Please contact Nathalie Veenendaal if you are interested.
Time investment: 
5 hours (3 hours of meetings and 2 hours of self study)
To be announced
Onderwijsadvies & Training
Fee: This fee is exempt from VAT
€180,- (UU/UMC staff), €234,- (other participants)


The workshop is practical and hands-on and you will work with the learning goals of your own programme. At the end of the workshop we will discuss ways to involve your teaching staff and to analyse the current ‘state-of-affairs’ of your programme regarding an international and intercultural curriculum. This also involves a series of concrete steps that can be taken on the way to an effective ‘Internationalisation of the Curriculum’.


After completing the course, participants know: 

  • How to use an IoC framework to develop an internationalised curriculum
  • How to involve and support teaching staff in the internationalisation of the curriculum
  • How to develop a concrete plan of action for developing an international and intercultural curriculum

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