Effective Teaching in English

Bring your English to a higher level and become more confident when dealing with questions, leading discussions and managing unexpected situations in correct academic English.

Suitable for: 
Dutch and international teachers in higher education who (will) teach in English
Start date(s): 
This course has not been scheduled yet. Please contact us if you are interested.
Time investment: 
20 hours (12 hours of meetings and 8 hours of self study)
Onderwijsadvies & Training
Fee:  This fee is exempt from VAT
€580,- (UU/UMC staff), €745,- (other participants)
Extra information: 

A customized course is possible

Online, face-to-face, or blended?

Our course offering can be provided in an online, blended, or face-to-face format. The content below is based on face-to-face contact. Should the course be (partially) provided online, the course will be adapted where necessary to ensure it will fit the online format and results in comparable learning outcomes. Naturally, these adaptations will be done in conjunction with the customer.


In this course we will discuss what teaching in English means for you as a non-native speaker and how you can use compensation techniques and state clear expectations to students. We provide practical tools and ideas to encourage spoken output and interaction, to support the use of high-level academic English, and to provide feedback on spoken and written output of students. You will work with your own course materials.

The course provided me with the essential skills necessary to give a well-structured and interactive lecture. I feel much more confident teaching in English now.

mr. Koen van Vught
Assistant professor Company Law, REBO, Utrecht University


The course has four sessions:

Session 1 - Teaching in English/Activating students in lectures

  • Implications of teaching in English
  • Experiences of non-native speaker lecturers
  • Activating students in lectures

Session 2 - Guiding understanding/Use of language

  • Guiding understanding
  • Language requirements (entry level and BA/MA level)
  • Guiding students from day-to-day language to an academic use of language

Session 3 - Encouraging spoken output / Active learning

  • Challenges and best practices of small group work
  • Encouraging output/interaction
  • Active learning tasks for small groups

Session 4 - Giving instructions and feedback

  • Giving clear instructions
  • Giving feedback

The course strengthened my confidence in teaching in English and was also a lot of fun!

Liesbeth van de Grint
Consultant and teacher trainer, Universiteit Utrecht


After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • support your students’ subject related language
  • encourage spoken output and interaction
  • use appropriate didactic and presentation skills (including compensation techniques) that a non-native speaker of English needs
  • provide feedback on students spoken and written output

Participants will receive a certificate when they actively participate in at least three of the four course meetings.

Dates and times

  • This course has not been scheduled yet. Please contact us if you are interested.

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