Contemporary Conflict Analysis

Throughout the course we will address pressing questions in contemporary warfare like: How are terrorist organisations able to mobilize people towards violent action? Why do states outsource violence to paramilitaries, private military companies and drones? What does it mean when algorithms define who is worthy of elimination and protection in violent conflict? What is the relationship between civilian harm and new cycles of violence? What are the consequences of Europe’s securitization of people displaced by violence? How do academics, practitioners and war journalists conduct research and report on these issues? Collectively, grappling with these different conflict dynamics in isolation and in relation to one another will turn you into a solid conflict analyst by the end of the Summer School.

Start date(s): 
Time investment: 
2 weeks
Utrecht Summerschool

This course will be part of the Utrecht Summer School 2023. In the following months the new course information will be uploaded. Please visit the Summer School website in early 2023 to learn more about the topics, assessment, course aim, study load and application procedure.

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